Embrace Israeli Small Business

By Doing Business with Us

We may be small but you can make a big impact

10% of sales all will be donated
to an Israeli charity of your choice 

Nothing small about it

Every product / Every service / Every time

Are You

A business owner continuing to work during these difficult days?

A supporter of the State of Israel?

Wondering how else you can help?

If you’re looking to expertly market and grow your business…

It turns out that our calendars are suddenly clear, so we’d love to help you, help us – help you.

Like a warm hug, it helps us both

Did you know that a 30 second hug releases 

hormones that calm stress and lower anxiety?

We don't know about you, but we can really use a hug right now.

So let us embrace your business.  We promise not to let go after 30 seconds. 

A Bit More…

As war wages on, Israelis have come together to hold and support each other through unimaginable tragedy.  Inspired we’ve come together too, bringing you the best global Israeli team in the field of marketing and business development. At the time when we need it the most, embrace us and show your support for Israel by embracing small business.

We’re not asking for donations – we’re asking to let us help you. By working with us during this difficult time you are not simply giving us money, you are giving us work and the opportunity to thrive in the face of adversity.  For years we had hoped to expand further into the global market and now is our time.  

We’re all seeking opportunities to help and along with volunteerism, donations, activism and prayer – there is opportunity for you to help us grow. If you own or work in a global business lets discuss how we can embrace each other throughmarketing, business consulting, website development, branding and strategy.

We’re a team of experts in the field of marketing, business consulting, website design, graphic art, content and copywriting, branding, digital marketing and more…

We’ve worked together successfully growing Israeli businesses for years – now it’s your turn to be one of our success stories.  

With our Israeli client base at an almost standstill – mentally & physically – we turn to you.

 Let’s grow together

Who are we?

A team of business owners in the field of marketing, design, strategy and consulting. We’re a team that speaks your language and meets and exceeds your needs through every challenge.

We’re a focused group of Israelis who know how to pivot in crisis. Are you ready for a GroupHug?

Galit & Omer - OMEGA360 -
Website Building and Design

Both a couple in life and in business, our specialty is marketing and understanding the Internet. With 30 years experience in design, marketing and website development, we have worked with a wide variety of clients for success.

Our motto is – the journey is as important as the result itself.

We guarantee accessibility, understanding, professionalism, openness and partnership in the process so that together we can achieve results.

Meny Fridman - Building Beauty Businesses

Meny Fridman is an expert personal and business liaison, and has been doing so for 13 years. A former CEO of beauty brands, Meny accompanies you, acting as an external CEO, gathering every detail and creating business objectives, turning dreams into attainable goals. 

Together we will build a thriving business, where management, marketing and sales integrate seamlessly.

Hadar Greenberg - strategic consultant, copywriter, content and translation specialist

Marketing and strategic consultation,  copywriter, content and translation specialist (Hebrew and English). Has more than 15 years of experience in creative and marketing, recently moved to Dallas,TX

Noam Yeski

Owner of an advertising agency specializing in sponsored ads. The company boasts a diverse and robust clientele in Israel and around the world, in markets such as real estate, consulting, law, events, education and more.

Lani Bell Media & Marketing

I'm Lani. My clients call me for copy writing, English translations, branding, social media management, web design, video scripts & production, as well as print and digital ad campaigns.
​I find the words that help your clients find you.
​For all things Media & Marketing, get read with red.

Examples of Our Work

What’s your benefit?

You will be working with world-class professionals –
in your language at any hour.

A team that knows how to work together for results
with a proven track record.

Providing tangible help to Israeli small business owners when we
need you the most.

Around the clock service –
we’re working across multiple time zones so we’re always on call.

And while we’re small business owners - there’s nothing small about what we’re doing.

10% of sales all will be donated
to an Israeli charity of your choice 

Every product / Every service / Every time

Want to learn more about how we can help your business

Talk to us

Embracing Israeli Small Business -

By doing business together

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